Partnership with Metera

What is the Metera Protocol?

Metera Protocol is a DeFi protocol on the Cardano blockchain focusing on sustainable and impactful investment through its Metera Tokenized Portfolios (MTKs). These portfolios are evaluated for their real-world impact using the Impact Measurement System (IMS), which assigns a Global Impact Score to each MTK, highlighting and promoting projects with positive sustainability contributions within the decentralized digital asset space. It’s governed by a DAO, allowing community members to vote and propose on the direction of the protocol.

How will Xerberus Risk Ratings be integrated?

At Xerberus, our aim is to provide trust and transparency in the crypto space. This is why Metera chose to integrate Xerberus Risk Ratings into their protocol to enhance the safety and transparency of investing in crypto assets. Xerberus will evaluate assets allocated to Metera’s Tokenized Portfolios (MTKs), ensuring that only those with an acceptable risk rating are included. This process will exclude any asset rated lower than a “D” from Metera’s investment instruments, aligning with our commitment to provide secure, decentralized and comprehensive risk assessments for blockchain assets.

For a more comprehensive view of our Risk Rating, read our documentation:

About Xerberus

Xerberus is a Risk Rating Protocol that utilizes its Wallet Graph technology to craft a real-time panoramic view of the systemic health of crypto assets. This is achieved through meticulous study of the wallets and transactions underpinning a crypto asset. We are driven by the mission to arm investors with the best crypto-native risk indicator on the market.