Partnership with Mehen ($USDM)

Who is Mehen Innovation Inc.?

Mehen Innovation Inc. is a US-based and regulated stablecoin provider within the Cardano Ecosystem. Their stablecoin, USDM, was funded in the recent Project Catalyst Fund 10. The Cardano Ecosystem requires an Asset-Backed Stable Coin for its DeFi mix, which is why we are honored to be the chosen partner of USDM.

Objective of the Partnership?

As a leading Cardano native asset analysis team, Xerberus has been chosen by Mehen to assist them in their efforts to safeguard the USDM token against criminal use. Using our asset tracking and wallet analysis tools, Mehen is able to more effectively manage risks associated with token-to-fiat conversion, prevent criminal activity, and deter illicit finance. Xerberus will assist Mehen in monitoring USDM token flows, analyzing potential risks tied to suspicious wallets, and crafting a framework to efficiently respond to official inquiries. These tools will equip Mehen to responsibly safeguard USDM and the broader Cardano ecosystem.

Deviation from our Risk Ratings?

At Xerberus Labs, we are obsessed with focus. Focus is everything when you are a small team working to solve a monumental problem. Soon, we will release the first version of our Risk Ratings; these ratings will still be limited in the data points they capture. The following Risk Ratings will be broader and encapsulate a classification of transactions. This classification of transaction flows is one of the sub-features making our overall Risk Ratings.

This means, $USDM will benefit from our ability to track illicit funds; the presence of illicit funds within a project will also affect the risk rating assigned to the project.

About Xerberus

Xerberus is a risk rating protocol providing you with comprehensive metrics to understand the risk associated with an asset.

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