Partnership with GeroWallet

TLDR: GeroWallet partners with Xerberus to integrate Xerberus’ Risk Ratings, Basket Buy feature and Siren natively into its wallet.

Who is GeroWallet?

GeroWallet is a next-generation Web3 wallet named in honor of Gerolamo Cardano. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including the ability to purchase digital assets using fiat, as well as swap, staking and margin trade synthetic assets. GeroWallet’s mission is to create the ultimate Cardano wallet with interchain and multi-chain compatibility. The focus is on delivering a superior user experience through an intuitive interface, enabling users to seamlessly access DeFi.

How will Xerberus Risk Ratings be integrated?

GeroWallet has decided to enhance the security and user experience of its platform by integrating the Xerberus Risk Ratings natively into its wallet.

This integration will allow GeroWallet to provide users with real-time risk ratings for tokens, and later, for wallets through the upcoming SIREN product of Xerberus and Iagon. The Xerberus Risk Ratings will be natively built into the GeroWallet, ensuring that users have immediate access to transparent and reliable risk information without any prerequisites.

Xerberus Risk Ratings in the wallet interface

Furthermore, GeroWallet will incorporate Xerberus’ Basket Buy feature. This integration will enable users to easily purchase the healthiest tokens in the L1 ecosystem, based on Xerberus Risk Ratings, directly within the wallet. By integrating these features from Xerberus, GeroWallet aims to offer a more user-friendly experience that prioritizes security and informed decision-making for investors and holders.

About Xerberus

Xerberus is a Risk Rating Protocol that utilizes its Wallet Graph technology to craft a real-time panoramic view of the systemic health of crypto assets. This is achieved through meticulous study of the wallets and transactions underpinning a crypto asset. We are driven by the mission to arm investors with the best crypto-native risk indicator on the market.

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