Partnership with Cerra

Who is Cerra?

Cerra is a platform on the Cardano ecosystem that focuses on cryptocurrency derivatives and peer-to-peer lending. The platform utilizes innovations such as Wrapped Bitcoin via anetaBTC and supports bridged assets including BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC through Wanchain. This integration aims to enhance the liquidity and capital flow within its ecosystem. It employs the eUTXO model for transactions, which allows for efficient processing by enabling simultaneous transfers to multiple recipients in a single transaction. This model is combined with a competitive fee structure, making the platform appealing for both cryptocurrency investors and decentralized application users. Additionally, Cerra is developing a platform for non-custodial trading of crypto derivatives and a peer-to-peer lending protocol. These features are designed to allow users to leverage or hedge their cryptocurrency assets effectively.

How will Xerberus Risk Ratings be integrated?

Cerra’s choice to integrate the Xerberus’ Risk Ratings into its platform aim to enhance the decision-making tools available to users engaged in cryptocurrency derivatives and peer-to-peer lending. By leveraging the Risk Ratings provided by Xerberus, Cerra will offer its users real-time assessments of the potential risks associated with various crypto assets. This would allow users to make more informed choices about which assets to trade or lend, based on their risk ratings within the market.

Risk Rating associated to each token pair

In practice, as you can see above, each token pair will have an associated risk rating. These ratings serve as a quick reference guide to the underlying stability and risk profile of the network of an asset, where ‘AAA’ might indicate the highest level of stability in its network, and ratings like ‘CCC’ might indicate higher risk and volatility. With such a risk ratings system, users will effectively decide which investments align with their risk tolerance and trading strategies.

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About Xerberus

Xerberus is a Risk Rating Protocol that utilizes its Wallet Graph technology to craft a real-time panoramic view of the systemic health of crypto assets. This is achieved through meticulous study of the wallets and transactions underpinning a crypto asset. We are driven by the mission to arm investors with the best crypto-native risk indicator on the market.

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