Partnership with Alvara

Who is Alvara?

Alvara Protocol is a platform based on Etheruem that leverages the ERC-7621 (Basket Token Standard) to facilitate the creation and management of funds on the blockchain. It provides an extensive Fund Factory and Marketplace, featuring a transparent leaderboard that displays the performance of each BTS created. The $ALVA and $veALVA tokens play essential roles in the ecosystem’s growth and governance, with $veALVA holders having substantial control over the $ALVA reward stream. Alvara removes traditional obstacles, promoting a democratic meritocracy in crypto investing, and supports complete lifecycle management of funds, from their inception to ownership transfer, through its integrated framework. For more detailed information, read the Alvara Whitepaper and Litepaper.

How will Xerberus Risk Ratings be integrated?

Xerberus has been chosen by Alvara to enhance its platform’s technical capabilities through the integration of our Risk Rating. This collaboration introduces a precise risk assessment mechanism into Alvara’s infrastructure, specifically targeting the evaluation of various token types such as Utility, Governance, Liquidity Provider Tokens, Tokenized Debt, commodities, securities and derivatives.

The integration involves embedding Xerberus’s Risk Ratings directly into the Basket Token Standards (BTS) portfolios and individual tokens managed on the Alvara platform. This facilitates a broad risk analysis, offering insights into the potential risks and stability of investments.

Additionally, Xerberus’s Risk Rating system will be use to provide risk assessments for owner wallets, which plays a critical role in ensuring the overall safety and soundness of the investment framework on Alvara. Therefore, this approach aims to equip the platform with robust analytical tools necessary for accurate risk management in crypto asset transactions and fund operations.

About Xerberus

Xerberus is a Risk Rating Protocol that utilizes its Wallet Graph technology to craft a real-time panoramic view of the systemic health of crypto assets. This is achieved through meticulous study of the wallets and transactions underpinning a crypto asset. We are driven by the mission to arm investors with the best crypto-native risk indicator on the market.

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