Partnership with Alterscope

Who is Alterscope?

Alterscope provides a platform for processing and modeling risk in real-time across chains, protocols, and liquidity pools. Alterscope aims to build a community-driven platform that unifies real-time risk processing, research, and monitoring capabilities with zk-proofs, enabling verifiable liquidity management for protocol foundations and professional investors. The platform offers users the ability to create custom risk frameworks that update in real-time. It features protocol dashboards that facilitate thorough due diligence, making it an essential tool for protocol teams, investment firms, and on-chain asset managers.

How Will Xerberus Risk Ratings be Integrated?

Alterscope made a strategic partnership with Xerberus, leveraging our extensive expertise in wallet analytics to enhance its risk management capabilities. This collaboration will bring significant improvements to its platform, offering users enriched risk analytics that provide a more comprehensive view of their portfolios.

By integrating Xerberus Risk Ratings, Alterscope will expand its set of parameters to include meaningful risk assessments for various crypto assets. This integration will be visible within the Alterscope frontend, allowing users to easily access detailed risk insights alongside their asset information. Additionally, these new parameters will be incorporated into Alterscope’s risk modeling hub, ensuring that its users benefit from the most accurate and up-to-date risk data available.

This partnership underscores, once again, our commitment to providing reliable and transparent information, helping users make informed decisions about their crypto investments.

About Xerberus

Xerberus is a Risk Rating Protocol that utilizes its Wallet Graph technology to craft a real-time panoramic view of the systemic health of crypto assets. This is achieved through meticulous study of the wallets and transactions underpinning a crypto asset. We are driven by the mission to arm investors with the best crypto-native risk indicator on the market.

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About Alterscope

Alterscope provides the platform for processing and modelling risk in real-time across chains, protocols, and liquidity pools.